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Our goal is to inspire and unleash the collective genius of our people and our clients. OP provides itself on dedicating and ensuring both clients and candidates are receiving the most important asset to us all, Your Time!

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IT and Systems Management

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Client Testimonial

ERP Provider :

‘I had the pleasure of working closely together with Oliver on several recruitment processes. Oliver was the Partner assigned to help me attract new talent to my global support team. Oliver provided a personal, productive and excellent backing to help me identify the scope and aptitude of the recruitment process. As a Manager, one of the most important requirements when it comes to recruiting new global employees is to make sure that the initial job profile attracts the right talent. To have an excessive talent pool to elect from is the first step towards a successful and valuable recruitment. Oliver puts in a personalized effort into identifying your individual requirements for the hire, the current team matrix and the necessary abilities for the potential candidate to have. Oliver has the ability to adapt the wording of the job profile to make sure that the rightful candidates are attracted. To prove my point, two of my latest hires, who Oliver aided me attract, have excelled beyond expectations and have been on-boarded successfully within the culture of my team. They have within a few month already proven their worth to the company – and most important – are happy with the new roles and the culture within the company. Furthermore, Oliver is an extravert, curious and skillful colleague, who makes you feel very comfortable to put a recruitment into his hands. Oliver always follows-up with you proactively in every aspect of the process and skillfully screens the initial candidates, which leaves you with only top-notch candidates to interview. I would recommend Oliver to anyone who wants to make sure to attract the right talent for his or her organization.’ – Global Technical Manager 

Candidate Testimonial

IT Director (ERP):

I was headhunted for a role I would never have considered and it turns out to be the best career move I have ever made! Professional, thorough and consistently going the extra mile are but just a few reasons that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Oliver Peters’ when recruiting new staff or indeed for anyone looking for a new career change. – Derek

Candidate Testimonial

Senior Data Business Analyst:

Oliver Peters’ prepared me extremely well for interviews, were very patient with me & kept in constant contact. Having dealt with numerous agencies in the past and not had great experiences, they have restored my faith in agencies, making me feel like an individual rather than just another number looking for a job. They are experts in their field and are a credit to Oliver Peters’. – John

Candidate Testimonial

Senior Technical Consulting Manager :

Ollie was one of the reasons I decided to take the leap into this position. He created a very positive first impression and, as we all know, first impressions last. Throughout the recruitment process Ollie was a first rate ambassador for the company, keeping me updated, moving things forward and being responsive and approachable. He represented as having a human and friendly face: as a company that is interested in its people (and I deliberately choose the word ‘people’ here, rather than ’employees’). Having been made redundant twice in the last two years I have experienced (and suffered) the attentions of a wide range of recruitment people. It never ceases to amaze me how badly many organisations treat their potential recruits, even for senior positions. Ollie stood out from all that by being professional, organised and responsive to questions. It was such a contrast to other companies, including companies with significant brand names. If you want someone to present your company in a very positive light right from the start then Ollie would be a great place to begin. Oh, and my experience after joining has confirmed everything that I suspected after my experience of working with Ollie: very positive. – Michael

Client Testimonial

Global SAAS Provider:

Very engaging, dependable and high in integrity. Oliver Peters’ have identified several people for our company successfully. As an international distributor, we often times require our staff to have a multi-lingual component. Oliver Peters delivers. If you’re looking long-term then I’d strongly recommend using Oliver Peters’. – Senior BA Manager

Client Testimonial

Financial Payment Organisation:

Every time I had a position to fill, the candidates put forward by Oliver Peters’ turned out to be the best for the job – the main reason is because Oliver Peters’ understands the industry, in depth approach and most importantly doesn’t promise anything he can’t deliver. I was particularly impressed by her not swamping me with CVs but only forwarding those of people who were likely to be a good fit. Some of the skills I needed to hire were hard to come by but Oliver kept on proactively hunting for suitable candidates. – Fergus – CTO 


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