Database Administration Practice

Databases are at the forefront of applications and a vital component for business operations. Database Administrators are under immense pressure and responsibility to ensure high performance (including Backup, Recovery, and Installation) along with facing myriad challenges. Shifting to an application-centric approach to database management, managing multiple databases and managing data on premise and in the cloud, are all challenges that DBAs face in today’s evolving database landscape. These challenges are achievable and by using best practices, DBAs can overcome these problems and ensure maximum success.

A Selection Of Our Vacancies Filled

Oracle Production DBA – Retail/EPOS

SQL Development DBA – Financial

MongoDB DBA – Digital/E-Commerce

SQL Server DBA – Non-For-Profit Sector

DBA Manager – Public Sector

IBM DBA – Software Solutions

MySQL Snr DBA – Digital

SQL Server DBA – Tertiary Education Sector

Development Practice

The software development landscape changes constantly. New areas of specialization, technologies, and methodologies pop into existence every few months, forged by the relentless innovation of the software industry. With it, terms to describe specialized types of developers become part of the unofficial industry lingo and show up in job ads and corporate titles.


A Selection Of Our Vacancies Filled

Java Developer

SQL Developer

Front-End Development -(UI) and user experience (UX), CSS, JavaScript, HTML

Back-End Development – Java, C, C++, Ruby, Perl, Python, Scala

Full Stack Development

Mobile/Desktop Developer

Gaming Developers -DirectX, OpenGL, Unity 3D, WebGL, and languages such as C, C++, and Java. Adobe Flash

Data Scientist -SQL, R, and Python.

Big Data Developer -MapReduce, Hadoop, and Spark. Languages used by Big Data Developers include SQL, Java, Python, and R.

Devops Developer

CRM Developer


Consulting Practice

IT Consulting

Systems integration

Enterprise architecture 

Software management 

Data analytics


Business Consulting

Business consulting’ is an umbrella term which encompasses many types of consulting — from employee training, to difficult tasks such as laying off employees. Put simply, business consultants analyze a business’s practices and then recommend improvements. They will usually have some form of specific expertise that they are hired to leverage on behalf of the company. Extra horsepower to supplement the existing staff.

Software Consulting

Customer relationship management 

Enterprise resource planning 

Content management system 

Supply chain management 

Human resource management

Sales Consulting

Sales is generally considered the most important part of a business, and EVERY business on the planet wants to improve their sales team’s performance. This makes sales the perfect field for corporate consultants.

Sales Practice

We know that finding dedicated sales professionals for your business isn’t an easy task. That’s why at Oliver Peters’, we take a different approach. By taking a genuine interest in the vacancy, the culture of your business and what makes someone successful in your industry, we can then go to market and find top quality salespeople.

Our approach covers advertising across all the leading job boards, proactive targeting via LinkedIn & social media, searching on job boards and engaging our vast network of contacts. As consultants, our clients view our dedicated team of recruiters as trusted partners in their business who reduce the time and cost to hire top sales staff.

We look forward to building that same trust with your business and showing the value partnering with Oliver Peters’ can provide! 


Sales Practice

Enterprise Sales


Sales Development Representative

Consultancy Sales

Sales Managers

Agency Sales the perfect field for corporate consultants.